UMD VP Porcari Tapped To Be State Transportation Secretary

We’re pleased to announce that UMD Vice President of Administrative Affairs John Porcari will be nominated tomorrow by Martin O’Malley to head Maryland’s Department of Transportation. Porcari, who first held the post in the final term of Democratic Governor Parris Glendenning’s administration, has overseen over the past 4 years, UMD’s departments of Facilities Management and Procurement (among many others). With the Route 1 reconstruction, Purple Line, and even a possible metro Green Line extension to BWI airport on the horizon, it’s sure good to see College Park with friends in high places (even amid looming state budget deficits).

Martin O’Malley’s commitment to Smart Growth (UMD Connector Road implications) is not yet apparent, but he did support the Intercounty Connector throughout his campaign.

Here is O’Malley’s plan for transportation.

3 thoughts on “UMD VP Porcari Tapped To Be State Transportation Secretary”

  1. I am delighted that Mr. Porcari is leaving the University. At least he will not have to endure the terrible traffic on Route in either direction_North or South.
    I am not sure what he did for College Park. I hope he stays away.
    Gail Kushner, resident of C.Pk for 45 years.

  2. Mr Porcari was the strongest voice in the administration for the Purple Line. Let’s hope the university’s commitment doesn’t wither further from what it is in the approved master plan in favor of the semi-private I-95 connector Rd

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