More Greenspace Improvements on South Campus

UMD’s planned south mall is slowly unfolding. When complete it will provide a pedestrian axis all the way from Anne Arundel Hall down to the southern end of Van Munching Hall, through Commons 1,2,5, and 6 and across to Hartford Hall in the Washington Quad. Two portions of the phased project are underway right now.
Master Plan (Southwest District)

Washington Quad

Residents of Washington Quad must have been rather shocked to find last weekend that their entire courtyard/load unload area had been torn up (the project was rather foolishly begun just before opening weekend) to make way for a new $3 million greenspace. The project was funded in part by the Commons 5 & 6 developer and is expected to be completed in November. The project has rather dubious environmental benefit, but it will store and recirculate rainwater in the planting beds. Read more and see other schematics here.

Washington Quad
Van Munching Mall

Work has begun on the 2nd phase of the new Van Munching mall. It will serve as a gateway on the southern end of the mall next to the Mowatt Lane parking garage and the road. The project includes adding more plantings to what was already there as well as a clocktower and more brickwork. Read more and see other schematics here.

Southwest District phase2