Mote Tells All

CD MoteUniversity president CD Mote weighed in on development in College Park and the proposed Campus Connector Road in an unusual appearance at tonight’s weekly SGA meeting. He noted that, around the country, College Park should be, “as good as it gets for a great college town” and that “you would be hard pressed to find a better place for a college town.” A main obstacle, he claimed, is that the City of College Park just “doesn’t want to change Route 1.” When asked by SGA President Emma Simson for clarification on the university’s connector road position, Mote responded, “all we are asking for is a study” and essentially argued that the study could come up with alternatives other than the proposed limited access highway. He later pointed out that no one has proposed a viable alternative to the new roadway and thus reiterated his previous “only option” assertions. He jokingly referred to College Park Mayor Stephen Brayman’s suggestion (also a joke) that the university should rope off everything within 1.5 miles of campus from cars and force people to walk or take buses. Anyone have what president Mote dubbed a ‘sizzle’ alternative to this road?

If any of our readers knows the study where administrators are getting this ‘11,000 cars off Route 1 and onto the connector road’ number please email it to us – we’d love to have a look.