Navigating Campus

COMPASS.gifWe’ve been noticing plenty of newcomers to campus wandering about with campus maps figuring out how to get around, so we thought now was the perfect time to point out some online map resources. The best place to start is probably the University’s interactive map that lets you find buildings, parking lots, and other landmarks by name, number, or letter code. If you are feeling bold they also have posted a PDF version of the map printed in university publications, although be warned – the file is large and hard to navigate. Looking for a library or a place to study? The library has this map of all their facilities.

We noticed a variety of local and statewide maps available for free in the student union near the information desk, some of which are available from the Maryland Department of Transportation. For College Park we found a good map at the union but use Google Maps online, and the city has posted to their website this PDF of the council wards.

As a matter of good urban design we think additional, permanent maps are needed both on campus and in the city of College Park. Detailed maps placed in busy areas can help newcomers and visitors find their way as well as encouraging pedestrian traffic.

> Interactive campus map