Need More Bicycle Parking?

As pointed out in a previous post development close to campus could use more bicycle parking and less vehicle parking. I also like the bike “escalator” for getting in and out of the subway. That is a much better solution than having to use the elevators on Metro.

Maybe Japan has the ultimate solution!

It’s not often something stops you in your bike tracks. But a spectacular “bike tree” invention from Japan bowled me over when I was in Tokyo a couple of weeks ago.

Fed up with bicycles locked to railings, piled on top of each other, blocking doorways and roads, a local council in the city installed the mechanical masterpiece. It’s basically an automatic storage system for cycles and operates with computer tagging of bikes and either storage in a building or a basement structure.

2 thoughts on “Need More Bicycle Parking?”

  1. I’d love to see the unused area immediately behind McKeldin Library (the northside) developed into some sort of bike “garden” (the spot can be seen here:,-76.945862&z=19&t=h&hl=en). A central location on the mall, it would be the perfect place to have mass bike parking, and incorporating plantings around the area would spruce up, I think, an area that surprisingly dull and underused. Given that the North Campus residences surround the area, I can think of no better way to encourage cycling on campus than by providing the convenience of adequate bike parking near one’s dorm.

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