New Dorm Approved for North Campus

The DIAMONDBACK reports today that a new dorm in North Campus called Oakland Hall is to be built for $88 Million providing 650 beds. This is to replace some of the beds that will be lost in the Leonardtown community due to East Campus construction. The expected completion date is Fall 2011. The University has had difficulty obtaining the backing from the Board of Regents for new resident hall construction which prefers public-private partnership projects. The logjam was evidently broken when Regents agreed to pay for the new dorm if the University continued to push for private housing.

Oakland Hall Mock UP

2 thoughts on “New Dorm Approved for North Campus”

  1. Wow, this is pretty big news. One of the first completely publicly financed dorms in decades… at least the 80s I think. Odd that they didn’t mention in the article that FP-Argo is paying for this so they can bulldoze leonardtown. Can anyone confirm that they still indeed are paying for the relocation of these beds?

  2. As far as I know, the university took the money from FP-Argo and is saving it for another housing project (yet to be decided). The new dorm is being totally financed with University System funds.

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