8 thoughts on “New Purple Line EMI Reports Available”

  1. Three cheers to the Montgomery County Planning Board for voting 4-1 in favor of light rail over bus rapid transit for the Purple Line on January 15.

    In other news, there’s a new economic development update available for the month of January. (Go here to read it: http://www.collegeparkmd.gov/economic_development_updates.htm)

    Unfortunately, it looks like the property on Route 1 just north of Route 193 will remain vacated and ugly for much longer than we had hoped. According to the update, “JPI is no longer pursuing development of [the Jefferson Square Apartments] and has allowed its contract to expire.”

  2. Daniel Kessler Says:

    Here’s an article on what caused the JPI project to be canceled. Perhaps PG county needs to “rethink” its approval process. Let’s face it, the section of Route 1 running through College Park and Beltsville as a whole isn’t exactly something to be proud of.

    RE: True because if any of you travel along Route 1(Jefferson Davis/Richmond Highway) through Arlington and Alexandria you would know that corridor/area is making Route 1(Rhode Island/Baltimore Avenue) through Hyattsville, College Park, and Beltsville look like a Sorry Abandon Junk Yard full of Old Small buildings, Used Car Dealer Ships, Gas Stations, and unnecessary Traffic Backups due to the Roadway being a Narrow 4 Lane Bottleneck with a narrow turn Lane in the median……

  3. Thanks, Chris, for your agreement. And yes, the part of Route 1 in Hyattsville isn’t exactly in bloom, either.

    Meanwhile, according to the College Park Gazette, there’s another potential development for College Park. Of course, like most of the other potential developments, it wouldn’t happen for at least another couple of years. But it’s still something for residents in the local area to think about.


  4. Oh, and I forgot to mention Dave Murphy’s awesome blog: Imagine, DC. It focuses on the DC area, especially Prince George’s County. It is enlightening and interesting. If you enjoy reading about urban planning and development in the area, then you must read it.

    Go here to read it (and don’t forget to bookmark it, along with Rethink College Park!): http://imaginedc.blogspot.com/

  5. I am confused so my apologies in advance. Has the East Campus Redevelopment Initiative been cancelled or put on hold?

  6. It has been put on hold. The ground breaking will not happen until at least fall 2010. Which probably means 2011. Welcome to College Park.

  7. Anybody know if the new Stimulus money will be available to kickstart this project? I think it’s the second biggest project next to the ICC. Should be some funds allocated to it. There will be tons of jobs created.

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