RTCP Sponsored Mazza GrandMarc “Hard Hat Tour” May 17th

Rethink College Park is extremely pleased to announce that it’s sponsoring a “hardhat tour” of the nearly complete Mazza GrandMarc Student housing project in North College Park. Ten years in the making, Mazza’s final approval was the subject of a protracted battle between student leaders, Rethink College Park and County Councilman Tom Dernoga in 2007. … Continue reading RTCP Sponsored Mazza GrandMarc “Hard Hat Tour” May 17th

Fearing Smart Growth (or Embracing it?)

There’s an excellent column in today’s Washington Post that I think speaks directly to situation in College Park and inner suburban communities like it. The column, written by UMD architecture professor emeritus Roger K. Lewis, describes “favorably located but underdeveloped or unwisely developed land with potentially high real estate value” along blighted highways. From the … Continue reading Fearing Smart Growth (or Embracing it?)

Form-based Codes Debate Hits Email

We thought our readers might be interested in a fiery email debate going on between Tom Dernoga, the District 1 County Councilmember leading the effort to prevent the use of form-based codes (FBC) in northern College Park, and myself. Our respective screeds each lay out a fairly complete case against and for the use of … Continue reading Form-based Codes Debate Hits Email

What is so special about MD 193?

File this under “Newbie” Maybe some of you are like me. When I first heard the hub-bub about “Form-Based-this” and “sector-plan-that” my first reaction was “What the hell are you people talking about?” The proposed Amendment 5 to the Route 1 Sector plan states: Add the following text to page 50: “Corridor nodes located north … Continue reading What is so special about MD 193?

Squashing the Vision

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. That’s the definition of insanity. ~ Albert Einstein The community’s vision for Route 1 is to have a compact, dynamic, mostly 4-6 story mixed-use corridor. That vision has been formally codified in the Route 1 Sector Plan – the primary zoning document for … Continue reading Squashing the Vision

NIMBYs Loathe College Perk Grad Housing Plan

Apparently city/county politicians and even some students are losing their resolve to build more student housing in College Park. That is according to conversations we’ve had with local stakeholders, a Diamondback article and a staff editorial all which point to seemingly overwhelming opposition (or lackluster support) to the Daria Land Group’s plan to build 120-150 … Continue reading NIMBYs Loathe College Perk Grad Housing Plan

2007 Reader Survey Results

Last fall we completed our first-ever reader survey. We would like to thank the roughly 65 people who completed the survey while it was open. We appreciate your feedback and continued support. Part of the reason we have not posted it until now is the tiny size of Rethink College Park contributors. A lack of … Continue reading 2007 Reader Survey Results

Route One Meeting Tomorrow

We received this information from the office of County Council member Eric Olson about the meeting we have listed on our calendar regarding Route One growth. This Thursday, November 15th, Council members Olson, Dernoga and Campos are sponsoring a forum at the College Park City Hall to discuss the underlying plans guiding growth on the … Continue reading Route One Meeting Tomorrow