Improvements Planned for Rhode Island Avenue

County Councilman Tom Dernoga came to the City of College Park Council in September to present a road improvement project for Rhode Island Avenue. The project’s goal is to use traffic circles and install traffic lights to better manage the surge of traffic on the avenue. Residents have made it clear that they do not … Continue reading Improvements Planned for Rhode Island Avenue

Second JPI Project Approved

“The Jefferson” (pictured above), a proposed 220-unit mixed-use project was approved by the PG County Planning Board late last week. The project site is just north of 193 at the former location of Hillcrest Hotel and Lasiks and across Route 1 from JPI’s already approved “Jefferson Square” project (pictured below). The newly approved project will … Continue reading Second JPI Project Approved

Mazza Apparently Dead (AMMENDMENTS ADDED)

It appears that County Councilman Tom Dernoga has Killed the 660 graduate bed Mazza Grandmarc.┬áThe conditions he put on the project’s approval today will likely not go over well with Mazza’s investors. Chief among these conditons are: Requiring LEED standards in the 11th hour KICKER: Requiring a site plan approval for the two commercial parcels … Continue reading Mazza Apparently Dead (AMMENDMENTS ADDED)

Mazza Brinksmanship Coming to an End?

The 60 day waiting period is almost up and the PG County Council is set to vote Monday on the approval of the Mazza Grandmarc – a 660 bed (largely graduate) student housing complex in northern College Park. The project has been stalled since May 2006 because Councilman Tom Dernoga “pulled it” for review. When … Continue reading Mazza Brinksmanship Coming to an End?

Mazza Saga Continues

“Unbelievable” is the only way to describe the scene at the County Council chambers this morning in Upper Marlboro. The developer of the proposed 630 bed graduate student housing project Mazza Grandmarc (LOCATION) finally came before the Council almost a year after Councilmen Dernoga “called up” the project for review. They poured over the Detailed … Continue reading Mazza Saga Continues

Annapolis to Reconsider Major Student Housing Incentive

Two state government committees are set review a bill early this week that would drastically reduce an incentive to build multi-unit student housing around the university. If the bill succeeds, it would condense (see map above) an existing overlay zone that exempts new student housing from what’s known as a “school facilities impact fee”. This … Continue reading Annapolis to Reconsider Major Student Housing Incentive

Mazza Grandmarc Gains Press Attention, Renderings Surface

The Diamondback picked up today on the Mazza Grandmarc graduate housing story that we posted last Wednesday. We’re glad to see this project gaining some attention after languishing since last May. The Graduate Student Government is also poised to act. Apparently the developer, TDL Multifamily Developers of South Carolina, navigated 5 years of approvals before … Continue reading Mazza Grandmarc Gains Press Attention, Renderings Surface

“Mazza Grandmarc” Student Housing Project Languishes

After significant digging this is the information we have come up with: The Mazza Grandmarc is a proposed four to five story 231-unit (630 bedroom) student housing project (here) that received preliminary approval in November 2004 and final approval from the PG County Planning Commission in May 2006. It would have been exclusively reserved for … Continue reading “Mazza Grandmarc” Student Housing Project Languishes