Post Reports Route 1 To Get Major Overhaul

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Over morning coffee I see this headline in the Washington Post.

Residents Can Already Picture It: A Rte. 1 Worth Looking At

My heart skipped a beat. The first paragraph reads…..

An eyesore. A ghetto. An area poised for improvement.

Could it be? Have the wheels of progress on Route 1 started to inch forward? Then is hits me. I’ve fallen for a head fake.

Located along Route 1 just north of Marine Corps Base Quantico, Triangle for decades has been defined by the untidy highway corridor lined with dilapidated buildings, fast-food joints, less-than-stellar hotels and multiple auto dealerships.

One of the most run-down stretches in the county, it just became more unsightly, but residents hope that is actually a sign of progress as the county tries to revitalize the area.

Sure sounds familiar.  I’m left with that same “always a bridesmaid” feeling with I read about the improvements in Edmonston awhile ago.

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