Purple Line Meeting Postponed Due to Weather

Tonight’s Purple Line open house in College Park has been postponed. In order to get late-breaking news like this please sign up to our announcement email list – scroll down on the right to find the space to leave your address.

Tonight’s Open House at the College Park Municipal Center has been postponed due to inclement weather. We are rescheduling the meeting for Wednesday December 19th, 5-8:30 PM, at the same location.

Sorry for the inconvenience, we hope to see you on the 19th, or at one of our other locations. For more details, see our website www.purplelinemd.com

3 thoughts on “Purple Line Meeting Postponed Due to Weather”

  1. Hopefully, when MTA comes back to College Park they will have some ridership forecast that include student riders. Apparently these were not captured by the models, but need to be calculated separately.

    Not having a sense about how many students (and staff) will actually use the Purple Line has allowed the debate on campus to be focused on the negative rather than on the role the project can play in addressing the growing traffic congestion that will have an increasingly negative impact on the University in the future.

  2. Excellent…I was going to miss the meeting last night for class but I can definitely make the 19th.

  3. The notice of postponement came so late that a number of us found out by reading the notice on the City Hall door at 5 pm. Unfortunately, some of us will not be able to come on Dec 19.

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