Purple Line takes priority over other Md. Road Projects

Purple Line Route Detail

The Post is reporting today that other road projects are taking a back seat to the Purple Line. Money that would have been used to widen other roads will instead be allocated to the Purple Line.

Maryland officials laid out their Purple Line plans — particularly how they intend to pay for the line — as part of the pitch they will make before the regional planning board today requesting that the project be included in its 20-year funding plan.

Another interesting tidbit is that the state documents refer to the Purple Line as light-rail only and make no mention of the busĀ  rapid transit option. So hopefully that controversy has been put to bed.

Md. Road Projects Lose Out to Purple Line as Costs Rise – washingtonpost.com.

7 thoughts on “Purple Line takes priority over other Md. Road Projects”

  1. Cool beans and collard greens! Let’s get this show on the road. Light rail! The good news just keeps on flowing this week. First Disney at National Harbor and now light rail for the purple line!

  2. FINALLY!!! no more counting out a bethesda commute from CP, and adams morgan will definetly be a little quicker to get to. Any thoughts on the Langley Park stop, more specifically how it will effect College Park crime rates?

  3. Gee. I sure hope no one from Langley Park reads the comments section. They would be very offended.

  4. I wonder whether the process of building the purple line has any environmental impact.

  5. I think there will be a overall positive impact. I’m unaware of any tracks being laid down through areas with vegetation. It’s all surface streets I assume. Even still, it takes cars off the road and light rail has no emissions.

  6. As a response to Sean Roberts: http://greatergreaterwashington.org/post.cgi?id=1431

    And in response to FormerTerp, I think there will be some loss of vegetation in a few places along the line, but it would be microscopic compared to the amount of vegetation lost in many highway expansion projects and the construction of the ICC. And the concern over noise pollution is mostly BS; there’s a reason why it’s called *light* rail. A single car would probably make as much (or more) noise than the train. The draft environmental impact statement of the Purple Line can be found here: http://www.purplelinemd.com/aadeis

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