4 thoughts on “Purple Line Schematic”

  1. I’m a bit confused – are you talking about the plans? I actually don’t think this type of light rail train produces much noise, or any more than the stinky loud buses that clog the road currently. The purple line would also make it much easier to get around without a car, certainly something that could outweigh what you term “aesthetic pollution.” Plus, the train might reduce the need for all the ugly parking garages and lots around campus.

  2. Agreed, there are some real aesthetic issues with the overhead cables and what will probably a wider right of way for the road. Also, I rode a light rail often during study abroad in Rome and it was quite noisy. I’m not familiar with the engineering side of light rails but I imagine there are measures to make it quiter and that will probably be required. I don’t see any safety concerns really. Keep in mind that there are about as many fatalities on the nation’s highways every year as all the American casualties during the entire Vietnam conflict.

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