Quick Updates and News on College Park Developments



Conceptual Site Plan CSP-09002
Preliminary Plan 4-09039

Status: The Planning Board reviewed and approved Domain’s Conceptual Site Plan and Preliminary Plan with conditions.  The Detailed Site Plan for this project has been accepted by M-NCPPC.
Location: 7720 Mowatt Lane (southwest corner of the Campus Drive and Mowatt Lane intersection).
Developer: Hanover Company.
Description: Mixed-use residential with 258 multi-family units and 11,400 square feet of retail.



Status: The developers of this project are requesting a departure to reduce the number of required parking spaces by 365 from 700 to 335.  The Planning Board hearing is tentatively scheduled for December 9, 2010.
Location: Approximately 800 feet southwest of the Campus Drive and Mowatt Lane intersection.
Developer: Owner Entity Fund II, LLC.
Description: Multi-family residential containing 300 housing units.
Other Info: The developer proposes to develop intergenerational housing based on a concept that builds on the strong attraction that alumni have to their alma mater. Mosaic’s Detailed Site Plan was approved by the Planning Board on October 30, 2008.



Status: Collegiate Hall broke ground in November 2008. Mazza is now completed and students have been moving in since mid-August.
Location: 9524 and 9528 Baltimore Avenue.
Developer: Collegiate Hall Properties.
Description: 231 units (630 beds) of under-graduate and graduate student housing.



Status: The Starview, which is being constructed as a two- phase project, has been renamed the Enclave.
Developer: Starview Plaza, LLC.
Description: Mixed use; commercial and residential; 177 units (662 beds) of student housing, 9,487 square feet of ground floor retail, and a 355 space parking garage.



Status: The University View II building is now completed.  In mid August, the View 2 reported leasing up 100% of its student units for the 2010-2011 school year; 11,600 square feet of the project’s ground floor retail is available for lease.
Location: 8300 Baltimore Avenue
Developer: Clark Construction
Description: Multi-family residential; 154 units (516 beds) of student housing and 11,600 square feet of ground floor retail.



Status: Potomac Holdings expects the Varsity to be completed for leasing by the fall 2011 semester.  Looney’s Pub will be the anchor tenant for the Varsity’s ground floor retail with the remaining space expected to be taken by Royal Farms, Izzie’s Bagels and a Chinese carry out.
Location: 8150 Baltimore Avenue
Developer: College Park Gateway Properties/Potomac Holdings
Description: Mixed- use residential with 258 units (901 beds) of student housing and 20,019 square feet of ground floor retail.


Status: The University of Maryland is in exclusive negotiations with the Cordish Companies as Master Developer for the East Campus project.
Location: Southeast corner of the US1/Baltimore Ave intersection with Paint Branch Parkway at the main entrance to the University of Maryland.
Developer: To Be Determined.
Description: The University hopes to build a 500- seat music hall run by the Birchmere, market rate and graduate student housing over 100,000 square feet of retail, and a conference hotel. Included in the 100,000 square feet of retail will be a grocery store. The first phase will occupy 22 of the 38 acres that comprise the redevelopment site.
Other Info: Cordish plans to partner with Clark Construction and the Design Collective to design and build the project.  The Cordish will also be holding an East Campus community forum on Tuesday November 30, 2010 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.  The event will be held in Ritchie Coliseum to solicit community input on the preliminary concept plan to be presented.


Status: The property has been purchased and is in design phase.
Location: 7501 Baltimore Avenue; intersection of College Avenue and Baltimore Avenue.
Developer: Ilya Zusin/Josef Mittlemann.
Description: Developers are proposing student housing, UMD affiliated and graduate housing, and 15,000 square feet of retail for this 2.5 acre site. Although the Maryland Book Exchange is expected to be re-located during construction, it plans to occupy part of the retail space when the project is completed.


Strickland Properties is selling its portion, the Kidwell Addition, of the Berwyn Warehouse District. Located at the end of Berwyn Road, adjacent to MARC and Green Line Metro rail tracks, the Kidwell Addition consists of 8 separate buildings on 5.43 acres. The buildings comprise 80,000 SF of office/ warehouse space. The sale price for the property is $4,599,000. For more information, contact Chris Marshall of Keller Williams at 410-972-4023 (office) or 410-808-1877 (cell.)

Located on the west side of Baltimore Avenue, between Lakeland Road and Melbourne Place, Northgate Park is now under construction. The 4.344- acre urban park is also adjacent to the Varsity student housing project, which is also under construction. The developer of the Northgate Park is the University of Maryland.

4 thoughts on “Quick Updates and News on College Park Developments”

  1. Unfortunately, none yet. The Mosaic at Turtle Creek project, which would be located neat the Domain (near Mowatt & Campus Drive), was proposed as condos in about 2006, but when it is built, it will probably be a rental community, which could be come condo at some future time. Developers are not certain that their is a market for a two bedroom, one thousand square foot condo for $500,000. One can buy a much larger new townhouse at EYA in Hyattsville or even at IKEA/Roadside in College Park for less money.

  2. Bob – you are destroying the city. Looking at all the new developments, can you tell me in your personal opinion if you think there is enough student housing?? Just like you said, why would anyone want to buy in College Park anymore. The only people who used to buy were investors and now that you drove them away we can’t sell our houses for anywhere near what we purchased them for.

    Thanks alot

  3. The market will have to decide how nuch student housing is built, not me or not the city. The decision to pursue rezoning much of the commercial areas of the City to allow housing was made by the City some 15 year ago. While it took a while for the County to carry out our request it finally happened in 2002. If it hadn’t happened Route 1 would be filled today with new gas stations and fast food restaurants and many of our houses would probably be worth $500,000 + to investors.

    My home was worth, perhaps $200,000 in 2004. While it may have been worth $400,000 in 2007, and its value has since fallen, it still is worth far more than it was worth in 2004.

    People who purchased properties in the 2005-2007 time frame, especially investors, are in trouble. My neighborhood is full of empty group homes this fall.

    We have always had some buying interest by owmer occupants, but over the period fron about 2002 to 2007, investors came in increasing numbers and bid up the price of most homes to absurd levels, which only investors would (foolishly) pay.

    In the long run why not create a community where strong housing prices reflect an attractive place to live, rather than an artificial scarcity of student housing? It is too late now to undo the decisions that had broad community support in the 1990’s.

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