Residence Hall Association Supports Purple Line on Campus Drive

Today’s Diamondback reports that the Residence Hall Association voted to support the Campus Drive alignment of the Purple Line, saying the alignment would avoid residence halls, be close to the center of campus, and be the most aesthetically pleasing location.

> Diamondback: RHA votes for Campus Drive Alignment 

3 thoughts on “Residence Hall Association Supports Purple Line on Campus Drive”

  1. This is great news and hopefully it will help encourage the SGA make an affirmative statement in support of the Campus Drive alignment.

  2. I agree that the Purple Line should not be built by North Campus for various reasons. During the construction period, it would be quite an annoyance for all of the residents. When it is finished, it would certainly make the area less safe due to the fact that it could drop off strangers right where students sleep. The one positive to having it built there would be that it would be incredibly convenient for football games, as it would be located in front of the stadium. However, that one plus does not outweigh the safety concerns for all of the North Campus students, not to mention the noise and nuisance that the construction would bring. So if the RHA has to vote for somewhere, I’d say, “anywhere but there.” But why do they support it at all? Let’s think about the other locations where it could go.
    Even if we build it someplace else, it will just cause those same problems and more for many other people. If it is built down Campus Drive, it may look nice when it is finished, but have you ever walked through that area in the late morning/early afternoon? It is easily the most crowded place on campus. Buses, cars, students on foot and bike are everywhere. If that road was closed to traffic because of the Purple Line, where would we direct all the cars and buses? We would be moving them elsewhere, causing more traffic someplace else on campus. Even if one lane was kept open on Campus Drive for cars, I can’t imagine what that one lane would look like throughout the day.
    Campus Drive is the centralist location on our campus. The Student Union is there, all of the buses are there at some point during their run, and every student passes through the area at least once a day. The construction period, alone, would be incredible. Construction always takes longer than expected. Even if they say it’ll only be a year, do we really want that kind of annoyance in the central-most part of campus for an entire school year? Plus, as I said, it will most likely take longer because construction always has its setbacks and unexpected circumstances arise.
    Everyone seems to be overlooking the other two possibilities. The other two locations are down on South Campus; one that goes just behind the mall, the other just in front of the South Campus Dining Hall. The one in front of the Dining Hall poses the same concerns as the Stadium Drive route. It is quite close to the South Campus Commons which would pose various safety risks for all of those students. Also, to put it right in front of the Dining Hall would certainly change the aspect of eating and socializing in that area.
    It seems the only area that wouldn’t pose a huge hassle is the one directly behind the mall. However, this placement would also cause an uproar, I’m sure. Professors would probably have the biggest problem with it because the construction and noise after completion would cause an annoyance to teach in classrooms nearby. Also, this area would redirect many students’ pathways that they walk to get to the mall.
    In conclusion, the RHA may have supported the Campus Drive proposal, but why support any of them? The Purple Line will bring more traffic, noise, pollution, strangers, and just plain danger to the students on campus. To support its completion at all, is dumb. Of course there are many benefits to its addition, but why risk the safety of the students when the College Park area is already dangerous for us? If those security gates at various entrances aren’t stopping crime, how is putting a train that places strangers directly on campus going to help? If the RHA HAD to choose, that’s fine; but I don’t think anyone was forcing them to pick a location, and I certainly don’t like the idea that they support the proposal of the Purple Line.

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