Rethinking the Agenda – Diamondback gets some things right (and many others wrong)

The Diamondback gave so thorough and so nuanced an analysis of Doug Duncan’s selection for university VP of Administrative Affairs that we will deffer to them on the issue. We can’t help but recognize the irony of the selection given the general shuffling of positions statewide. Duncan’s involvement in and audacity during the Downtown Silver Spring project (FP-Argo did Downtown Silver Spring and is now in talks with the university to develop East Campus) gives us hope that East Campus will proceed swiftly and efficiently.

Duncan to assume top university post, The Diamondback 3/26 – Ben Slivnick
–Diamondback Analysis of the pick and Staff Editorial (“Thinking Bigger“)

We’d be remiss if we didn’t take this opportunity to point out the Diamondback’s second botching of the Impact Fee Waiver controversy. Their first article (3/14) was completely off base in it’s assertion that student leaders (namely the SGA and GSG) had done nothing to fight the proposed narrowing of incentive zone for student housing and that the student stakeholders were upset with the compromise reached at the time (we, the SGA, and the GSG were extremely happy with it). Today’s article, asserts that a second “compromise” was reached last week (3/19) when in reality the City Council further limited the zone from the actual compromise we reached at their 3/12 worksession.

The 3/19 “compromise”, which most notably takes away housing incentives for the Koon’s Ford Property cannot be deemed a “compromise” since the issue was taken up outside of a City Council work session, there was no opportunity to respond to comments, and no Rethink College Park representatives were present or consulted on the new boundaries. Real compromise remains elusive on this issue and we (RTCP and whomever else is willing) will vigorously fight any legislation that does not provide adequate space for 5,000-7,000 beds of student housing.

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  1. I wrote yesterday’s article on the “compromise,” and have heard other complaints about past DBK articles as well- I’m definitely interested in any criticisms of DBK development coverage, so feel free to e-mail me at if you feel a future article has errors.

    I was also wondering if anyone from RTCP would like to suggest basic resources or primers for reporters covering development in this area- I have no background in it, and am interested in writing articles that are somewhat more informed… I’ll try to come to some RTCP meetings too, if they’re still going on.


  2. This site is a basic primer on CP development. I’d suggest reading the “library” pages to start.

  3. I used to go to the Diamonback online daily to keep up with redevelopment ….that is until I found RTCP. There is no better source for Redevelopment Information. If you want to get up to speed quickly – this is the one site you want to visit daily. bookmark it.

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