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RTCP editors Rob Goodspeed and I have a published article today on the website CampusProgress.org about this website/project. Campus Progress is run by the liberal think tank Center For American Progress and organizes on college and university campuses to support “young advocates, activists, journalists, and artists as they develop fresh ideas and perspectives and seek to communicate in new ways.”

Check out our article:

>>> From Parking Lot to College Town

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7 thoughts on “RTCP in the News, a little Facebook love please”

  1. Articles like this may be worthy of publication in the Diamondback, but will hardly enhance your credibility with the City or the University.

    That would be unfortunate because unlike prior critics of the City/University you actually are spending a lot of time and effort to make a positive contribution to the future of College Park.

  2. The article certainly wasn’t intended to get that kind of reaction. Some of the stuff about NIMBYs is up for debate, but I felt like the rest of the article is a pretty evenhanded representation of the issues. We sort of took on a problem and solution tone….

    Also, I know first hand that the Diamondback has it’s problems (especially with the city), but I’d point out that they are considered the second or third best daily college newspaper in the country by the Society of Professional Journalists. Needless to say, they could be doing a lot worse.

  3. Working in the land brokerage/development field primarily in Anne Arundel County we often face the NIMBY attitude with the exception of the Odenton Town Center area where oddly enough densities and FAR’s are actually higher than developers want to build. College Park much like Odenton needs to be redeveloped. Redeveloping dilapitated properties/buildings into high density residential projects (in places that need more housing like College Park) should be the path of least resistance.

  4. I need to contact the Society of Professional Journalists and see what they actually know about the Diamondback. Based upon its longstanding lack of influence in forming City/University policy one would think the Society of Professional Journalists could not score the Diamondback very high.

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