RTCP’s Ten Best

244 posts, 898 comments, and basically a year of serious postings. And what a year it has been! RTCP’s staff gets a little upset when good posts get buried. Just because they are old doesn’t make them any less important. So we decided to go back and dig up our ten best. Here they are in no particular order:

1) “Shopping for Low Lying Fruit” – 10/9/06. Eric Fidler rethinks to Pocomoke building, proposes an adaptive reuse into a grocery store (complete with incredible renderings) and exchanges blows with non other than John Porcari himself.

2) “10 East Campus Talking Points” – 11/1/06, reposted (with pictures) 5/1/07. David Daddio combines feedback from the RTCP staff to give our specific recommendations for East Campus. The points are as relevant today as they were in November (especially the part about keeping the public process transparent and meaningful).

3) “Mazza Grandmarc Student Housing Project Languishes” – 2/14/07. David Daddio discovers (as much as you can discover a $60 million project) the ill-fated Mazza Grad Student housing project, thus setting off a long chain of press coverage running up to the project’s eventual approval. Somehow it also led to a forced “compromise” on state legislation.

4) “Airport Regulations Stall Northgate Project” – 5/9/07. After a long series of phone calls and an alphabet soup of government terms, Rob Goodspeed sheds some light onto why the biggest project approved in CP hadn’t (and still hasn’t) started construction.

5) Special election survey 1 and survey 2 – 1/5/07. Rob Goodspeed gets every city special election candidate to tell all (after plenty of prodding).

6) “Greenbelt Station Proposal Now Includes Four 18-Story Tower” – 2/17/07. Rob Goodspeed discovers the true meaning of “Not in MY Backyard” on a cold morning in February.

7) “Historic District Considered Near Downtown” – 10/5/06. Rob Goodspeed unravels the Old Town Historic District saga.

8) “Talking Seriously About the Purple Line” – 5/11/07. David Daddio brings the University’s position on the Purple Line out in the open and uses his days as a lowly intern to tear it apart.

9) “Reconstructing Route 1” 2/2/07. Eric Fidler figures out what the deal is with the Route 1 reconstruction plans.

10) “Smart Growth, Student Housing, and Transportation – What Does it All Mean?” – 5/22/07. David Daddio explains why student housing is the salvation of College Park (even if no one making decisions chooses to open their eyes and see it).

2 thoughts on “RTCP’s Ten Best”

  1. I hope everyone re-visits the Shopping for low hanging fruit article (or visits it for the first time – i missed that one somehow)

    that Pokomoke concept is a FANTASTIC IDEA – imagine if there was a terrace out front where you could sit. it gets great afternoon sun and on afternoon/evenings in the late summer and fall you can listen to the marching band practice. that would be a great place to hang out.

  2. Pokomoke is going to become a (most likely permanent) police station as part of the East Campus ‘resettlement.’

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