6 thoughts on “Setting the Record Straight”

  1. Congradulations David. In nine years I can’t point to such an accomplishment. Kevin Litton, just named to be next year’s editor-in-chief for the Diamondback, is someone I know, who has a lot of promise to produce a better NEWSpaper.

  2. I just read the Diamondback article. I’m deeply disappointed that Brayman and Perry are so opposed to the concept of students living in College Park (imagine that) that they would go back on the compromise agreement. The quote about housing east of Rt 1 being an “act of war” is just plain stupid. Come on, are we protecting our historic auto dealerships, boarded-up restaurants, and gas stations from development into dense housing buildings with street-level commerce and sidewalks?

  3. I’ll tell you what Bob. This may be my greatest accomplishment with RTCP(getting recognized for my impact fee waiver work) next to the actually changing the course of the state legislation. I also think Kevin will do well.

  4. Michael,
    I couldn’t have put it better myself. Apparently a car dealership is preferable to a (potential) student housing project with no balconies and adjacent to an area of Berwyn that is completely rental properties. It’s completely incomprehensible.

  5. The Mayor fought hard to defend the revised zone. The last minute time crunch on trying to make a change in the boundary that appeared to impact residents who had no knowledge of the fee waiver zone at all was too much to overcome in a few days.
    I don’t believe that the City’s initially revised position would have made its way into the bill in Anapolis.

    It appears we will be able to reconsider the Route 1 sector plan later this year and work in appropriate incentives for student housing. There are other issues too which need addressing, as the County’s 2002 plan is being used in ways that were not forseen back then.

  6. Lets not forget about the tatoo parlors, psychics, and waterbed stores! quality stuff. then again, perry always was a “quality guy”….wonder if his relatives come to town to visit during the holidays and stay at that little College Park motel on the northbound side of 1 north of the Exxon, south of Seven Seas? We would hate to see that get torn down – no, instead, lets let them renovate/expand

    Lemme see: U of M founded in 1856. So unless Brayman, Perry, et al (the constituents they “serve”) are over 150 years old I think the U was here first, so what the heck (I had to go back and retype my first choice word) are they doing living in a COLLEGE town if they dont like students?!?!?

    I will give them the benefit of the doubt in that no one in their right mind thinks we should build a Univ View like structure back in the neighborhoods, say right here:

    or here


    and thats not what is being proposed – silly to think that it is – no one in their right mind would advocate that – not even the evil empire and Darth Mote and his henchmen in main admin. but here we go again “getting outraged” and committing “acts of war”

    when do we play Duke again? Maybe ill be there to personally see to it we riot and burn the dump down to the ground so we can start over. ill start in perry’s neighborhood (lighten up Francis, just some dry tounge-in-cheek humor)

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