Site Hosting Problems

Regular visitors may have noticed the website running slowly or erratically over the past two weeks. We’ve been experiencing intermittent yet persistent hosting problems without provider, Yahoo Small Business Web Hosting. Despite dozens of messages to their technical support they have insisted the problems are with our web connections and not their servers. We’re running WordPress 2.0.2 and receiving around 300 unique visitors each day. Despite the increased traffic due to the Purple Line content, it’s not more than previous busy periods.

It would be helpful to us if visitors could explain any problems they’ve experienced in the comments to this post so that we can show Yahoo! Hosting a problem exists. If we cannot resolve the problem in one week we’ll be moving to another provider. Suggestions about potential solutions are also welcome.

13 thoughts on “Site Hosting Problems”

  1. I just saw this posting on the RSS, clicked through, and got a 500 error. Clicking through from RSS has failed roughly 80% of the time for me, with long delays to a timeout, from both speakeasy and umd campus, unlike every other feed I subscribe to. It’s been bad for longer than just the last two weeks.

  2. I agree with Neil it has been much longer, but I am not even getting a 500 error. Page indicates it is done loading but remains blank. Oddly, on occasion accessing through an archive page will work.

  3. problems go back way farther than two weeks. i always access through rss feeds. often part of the page, ie just the content or just the pictures will load then it just stops.

  4. I’ve been trying to access this post since it went up. I was only successful this morning by refreshing the page repeatedly until it opened. It was a blank page for me as well–no error message or anything.

  5. It usually takes a Minute or so for the Website and Linked Pages to load, if they do at All. I first noticed it about a Week ago.

  6. It has taken me 3 or 4 visits to the site today just to reach this page where I could leave a comment indicating that it often takes a very long time for the site to load. Something is definitely very wrong. Maybe there’s a script or connection somewhere in your code that’s not closing properly and sucking up memory, or maybe the web hosting service simply sucks. In either case, they should be able to tell you. By all means, find another host. One possibility is

  7. I have also experienced problems going back several months, not just the past few weeks. The most common problem: when I click to post a comment it locks up and does not allow me to do anything at all (a few times I tried the work-around mentioned above – going through archived articles)

    I could not even access the site at all for most of this morning. This has happened a lot more over the past 6-8 weeks.

  8. I have been able to access the site only sporadically in recent weeks. Sometimes it loads slowly, many times not at all.

  9. More often than not I can’t access the site at all and when I can it is often very slow. This has been true for much longer than 2 weeks. I access it from off campus through Verizon DSL. It has been very frustrating. It would be great if you could get this fixed!

    The first time I tried to respond to this post I just got a white page (after waiting a minute or two).

  10. Experienced all of above except 500 error. Often the page will say it’s “finished” but no page is appearing. Pretty slow loading in general.

  11. As a unix engineer working in the field of web hosting, the performance of this web-site is beneath our standards. You should be getting refunds right and left. I’d switch. Yahoo is not really known for hosting. Just web portal stuff.

  12. We will be migrating to a new server this weekend. We apologize for any inconvenience and are glad everyone is still with us and engaged!

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