Six Month Report

It’s been almost six months since the first posts on this website. Before many of the students leave campus for the holiday break we thought it might be a good time to look back at our accomplishments.

  • Averaged over 100 visitors a weekday, 600 a week
  • Organized a housing forum with 50+ attendees
  • Published 95 posts by 9 authors
  • Received 213 comments, including ones from students, city residents and officials, university administrators, and others
  • Have been mentioned and/or consulted by the Diamondback, the College Park Gazette, and the Washington Post
  • A kickin’ Facebook group

Not bad for our first semester, we think! However, there is much to left to do. Our major goal for next semester will be to expand the number of writers and active members of the group in order to ensure the site becomes a sustainable and ongoing community project. We also plan to organize another community event and work with various local entities to create College Park’s first Geographic Information System (GIS) file clearinghouse. As always, we’ll continue to cover all the development issues in and around College Park. We’ll have a recruiting meeting for new people in early February, so if you have been waiting to learn more, keep a lookout for announcements.