Slippery Slope

Slipery Slope Argument

After being forced to walk in the street due to the lack of cleared sidewalks, we were pleasantly surprised today to spot a City code enforcement officer documenting the violations. According to College Park City Code ยง 141-5,

It shall be the duty of every owner or occupant of any property within the City of College Park to remove and clear away any accumulation of ice, sleet or snow impeding safe pedestrian traffic from the portion of the public sidewalk which abuts on said building or parcel of land within 24 hours after the ceasing to fall of any such snow, sleet or ice.

Though quite a few property owners dutifully cleared their sidewalks, many did not and may soon face a $50 fine.

3 thoughts on “Slippery Slope”

  1. Good to know. I really hope Applebee’s is fined. They made sure the have the short path leading to their parking lot cleared, but the sidewalk along US-1 has been a sheet of ice since last week. I took a nasty spill there this morning. Not cool.

  2. A good number of these businesses run a legal risk by failing to clear their sidewalks. If somebody is seriously injured because a property owner fails to follow the law, the owner could be held liable for the costly medical expenses that ensue.

  3. Again, today it’s a pedestrian nightmare on the sidewalks – from Pineway to the Regent’s Drive entrance to campus. It was like wearing penny loafers on an ice rink.

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