Starview to be Expanded


The DIAMONDBACK is reporting that the City Council approved plans to expand the Starview project to add another story. This will increase the project by 105 beds. Groundbreaking should be within 30 days. The change was requested when the builders determined the structure could support another story. The maximum height was supposed to be 5. Then the district council approved six. Now they are planning a seventh? Who is building this thing Donald Trump? 

2 thoughts on “Starview to be Expanded”

  1. The Starview subdivision plan approved in about 2004 set the parameters for the maximum project size. The seven story proposal still fits within those established parameters. I believe that the proposed seven floor building is all that could be built in accordance with the approved subdivision plan. The heighth of the building will increase by only six feet, with the additional floor, because the building’s frame will be built of steel and not largely of wood.

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