Steve Francis potential investor in Sante Fe.

"BooYaa! Game over its $1 Bud night at the Fe!"

Stevie Fanchise might actually become a franshise. The Diamondback reports that the one-time Maryland Basketball star could trade dunking the “rock” to dunking buffalo wings to become a partner with current ‘Fe owners. 

The long-time Terp hangout will undergo extensive renovations this summer.

In the meantime, Srour said Santa Fe will be closing May 24 for renovations and hopes to open up the ground floor by the beginning of the fall semester but is unsure if construction will be completed.

“Santa Fe needs a nice facelift,” he said. “It’s a building that’s many years old.”

Srour said he wants to make Santa Fe more like the 9:30 club in Washington.”We are going to promote more of a band venue,” he said.

Srour said the bar in the center of the building will be removed and he plans to finally acquiesce to city demands and install a sprinkler system.

“We’re going to be changing the name and changing everything,” he said, adding the bar’s upper level will be turned into a “more trendy lounge [area].”

There have been other rumors of former Terp stars becoming investors in the past such Danny White and Shawne Merriman with no results. So we’ll see what pans out here.

2 thoughts on “Steve Francis potential investor in Sante Fe.”

  1. Finally, they’ll install a sprinkler system. I’m half surprised the place hasn’t burned down after all these years. This sounds like a good overhaul.

  2. Santa Fe has REALLY stepped up they’re game as a major venue for music, both local and mainstream. The only difference between santa fe and the 9:30 club is that 9:30 has a 2nd story balcony area, which means they can hold more people. Santa fe has a 2nd story balcony area similar to 9:30 but it is closed off to the public and i believe is used for storage/ backstage area for performers. If they remodel this I believe Fe could be a huge venue for performances, and the only one of its kind in our area.

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