Students Launch Parking Petition

Citing expensive parking ticket fines, confusing signs, and poor communication by the Department of Transportation Services, a group have students have launched a “Fair Parking Petition” demanding changes to university parking policies. The students complain no warning tickets are issued and the fine for a first offense is $75, as opposed to an average of $35 at other ACC schools they surveyed. They created this graph of the survey results:

Fair Parking Initiative Graph

The petition also calls for wider distribution of parking information to students. In order to build support group founder Alex Josephs has started a group on the Facebook. For more information about the petition or to add your name, contact him at josephsa at Do you think the parking system is fair?

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Fair Parking Petition

The purpose of this petition is to end the exploitation of students and staff resulting from unclear parking signs, and the high price of parking tickets. According to the Department of Transportation Services’ (DOTS) Vision Statement, which is posted online at, said department is committed to the following:
1. “The education of the University of Maryland College Park community regarding transit and parking rules and regulations.”
2. “Communication with peer universities regarding their operational programs in order to potentially improve the UMCP department of transportations services operations.”
Despite these commitments, the university ticketed 22,105 student permit holders $3.8 million last year. 6,969 staff permit holders were also fined $3.2 million. Additionally, the fine for most offenses is $75 – a cost which starkly contrasts the $35 average found at 7 other NCAA universities.
This petition aims to promote the following actions:
1. The reduction of ticket prices to a fair level comparable to that at peer universities
2. The clarification of parking signs at lot entrances.
3. The wider distribution of literature explaining parking regulations.
4. A first warning system for first time violators.

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  1. I could not agree with this more! Even if you fight the ticket and have it reduced in price, if you don’t pay it within the 15 days or whatever, they will add a late fee AND forget that they reduced the ticket because you got it unfairly!

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