Tenant’s Rights Forum

The Off-Campus Student Association is hosting a forum on tenants’ rights in College Park (off campus). The forum will be Wednesday, March 28, from 4:00 to 5:30 pm in the Margaret Brent Room in the Union. Both Legal Aid lawyer Jim Jones and College Park code enforcement officer Jeanne Ripley will be in attendance to give advice.

The forum’s own event description reads:

Students living off-campus have reported concerns about their landlords, housing and leases and often end up in a jam which is why by letting students know about what to look out for, the OCSA hopes to decrease the number of students who end up dealing with legal issues during the school year.

Student Legal Aid lawyer Jim Jones will lead the discussion, and talk about some of the common concerns, questions and scenarios that he sees everyday. Jones has helped a lot of students solve problems with their landlords in the past and sees the number of student complaints rising. College Park’s code enforcement officer Jeanne Ripley will also be present.