The end of tailgating?

The football schedule is winding down, but the excitement around a successful season is just getting started. As the Terps take on Wake Forest next weekend for a potential berth to the ACC Championship Game (vs. Georgia Tech), we here at Rethink College Park wanted to give the year’s last tailgaters something to chew on. Football fans should take not of proposed designs for the funded as well as planned expansions to Byrd Stadium. All images are from the Campus Master Plan.

The future of lot 1

(View looking over lot 1)

Comcast with a relocated Ludwig Field and Parking Garage

(Looking over the new “sports district”)

A more clear perspective of the proposed changes to lot 1

(Click these images for clarification)

Future of the Comcast District

3 thoughts on “The end of tailgating?”

  1. Looks like the roof of the parking garages are going to be in premium demand, unless they allow grills to burn inside of the garage structures themselves. Maybe the new greenspaces could be used for large gatherings. Does anyone know if any other schools have a primarily garage based parking system, and what they do for any pregame…..”festivities”?

  2. I was upset when they built the entertainment palace over Denton Beach. We used to tailgate there literally 75 yards from the front entrance. I wonder if all of this is actually going to occur over the protest of commuters who use the parking lots.
    Mike, Class of ’75

  3. I wonder if Coach Friedgen knows about this. The plan would eliminate the on campus tailgating, and destroy the festive atmosphere he has help build. We can all tailgate at home, and watch the games there!

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