UMD Breaks Ground on Physical Sciences Complex (VIDEO)

RTCP may have differences of opinion with University officials from time to time but there is no denying that the University of Maryland is on the move in a positive way. The University broke ground last week on a state-of-the-art $128-Million Physical Sciences Complex. This project is a doozy. The 158,068 square-foot of space will house 53 labs.

A prominent feature of the building is its planned multi-story elliptical glass cone that opens to the sky and will provide a 2000 square foot open space in the plaza as well as natural lighting for the interior of the structure.

The space around the ellipse on the upper floors is much wider than a normal corridor, and is designed to encourage and stimulate scientific conversation. “We’ve made the hallways serve as extensions of the rooms, where people can meet and congregate. The light and transparency contributes to a sense of interaction,” said project designer Simon Trumble of CUH2A, a global architecture, engineering and planning firm.

The Physical Sciences Complex is a joint effort with research partnerships with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to house the new Joint Quantum Institute (JQI).

In addition a new Laboratory for Advanced Quantum Science (LAQS) will provide 22,000 square feet of underground lab space designed for quantum research.

One the most impressive labs will be the Laboratory for Advanced Quantum Science, which will feature world-class control of vibration and electromagnetic interference, and precision environmental infrastructure for air filtration, ultra-stable temperature and humidity. The lab will equal or exceed the exacting specifications of the Advanced Measurement Laboratory complex at NIST, widely regarded as the most sophisticated facilities of their kind.

The facility will be located just north of Regents Drive at the corner of Regents and Farm Drive. Another benefit is that this location is outside of the area of concern for any Electromagnetic or vibration interference from the future Purple Line.


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  1. It looks like it is being connected to the Computer and Space Sciences building too on the left side (when viewing from Stadium Dr)

  2. Thanks guys for the help. That is a very high visibility location being next to Byrd. Should be a flagship building for sure. Very exciting…

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