UMD, Residents to Design Hollywood Gateway Park

Site of Proposed Hollywood Gateway Park

The city council recently voted to authorize city staff to pursue a grant funding design and building of the park at the intersection of Route 1 and Edgewood Road. Now, the University of Maryland has shown interest in working with residents to design the park.

Earlier, the North College Park residents formed a committee to study the proposed eco-park.

At the last month’s NCPCA meeting, committee chair Larry Bleau told members that the city’s Department of Planning, Community and Economic Development director Terry Schum was looking to see if the Landscape Architecture department at the University of Maryland would be interested in developing some conceptual designs as a class project.

“We have had a positive response (from the UMD) and are working out the details now. Having this as a class project is a good way to brainstorm conceptual ideas to see the range of possibilities before working with a design professional,” Ms. Schum wrote in an email.

“The class instructor has indicated availability in March 2011 but the logistics still need to be finalized,” she added.

A similar landscape architecture class project participated in North Gate Park. The project was coordinated by a city-university partnership; its final design was derived from a 22-student sophomore landscape architecture class competition.

Ms. Schum also said that the city’s planning department has met with an organization about the deconstruction or demolition of the site.

The property on the site was up for sale for over two years. The city purchased the property for $346,000, based on average of two appraisals. The city intends to redevelop the lot and spend $185,000, of which it will use $100,000 from a community legacy fund. The city of College Park has considered using a green job vocational training program to deconstruct the existing single family home and salvage building materials, but the timing and method for demolition has not been finalized.

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  1. I’m glad to see this coming to fruition…at the moment. I was at the NCPCA meeting when we discussed this topic. I proposed the park include public art (as I’m working on a community public art park project in Hyattsville). The Landscaping Arch @ UMD is fabulous, I enjoyed seeing their work on the proposed park that is currently The Varsity. Fingers crossed!

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