University View Part II – “Raymond Towers” Rendering Uncovered

Early Proposal for 8400 Baltimore Ave

We stumbled across this early rendering of the 8400 Baltimore Avenue project directly north of the 16-story University View that we first reported on in early December. As proposed it would be a 12-story (4 parking, 8 residential) condominium tower with 301 units and 14,000 square feet of retail fronting Route 1. Koons Ford would remain at its current location in the middle of the “L” shaped building. According to county documents, it will be named “Raymond Towers”. The City Council gave the project a lukewarm reception in December and again earlier this month. Their opinion counts strongly, but is not the final word. If built, it will likely carry a substantial owner occupancy requirement (interesting discussion on this) and be marketed as luxury condominums. More to come on this project as details and new renderings become available.

4 thoughts on “University View Part II – “Raymond Towers” Rendering Uncovered”

  1. Four stories of parking? You mean like that hideous high rise across from the McDonald’s? Who comes up with these ideas?

  2. It’s The View that is atop the hideous parking structure opposite McDonald’s. Its parking structure, however unsightly, is actually incomplete since there was supposed to be another building directly in front of it (see the picture below). Needless to say, this garage-masking building, as we have written, has yet to materialize.

  3. I have it on good authority that the company hired to provide a feasibility study for the 8400 college ave project gave it a thumbs down…. apparently the market isn’t right for more of this, especially at the supposed very high rent levels the developer wants to charge (more than the view).

  4. The developer is still pursuing it. The market study for the Hilton Hotel was pretty bad ( but Vogel is still pursuing that. I see it as sort of a first mover type environment. Once you get a couple success stories with the mixed use zoning the walls will come crashing down (or fast food joints in this case) and people will be more comfortable with density, upscale, and housing on top of retail (not necessarily all in the same project).

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