Visualize 12-18 Stories at Greenbelt

The developer for the Greenbelt Station project will be conducting an exercise using balloons this Saturday at 8:00 a.m. to demonstrate the height of the buildings planned. The project, which we described last week, includes 2,000 townhomes now under construction and a mixed-use complex of offices and shops located at the Greenbelt Metro Station. The demonstration was planned after local citizens expressed concern about the height of the project. Joe from the the College Park Observer has reprinted a letter from College Park City Councilmember John Krouse, where the councilmember explains his concerns with the project, which has been approved by County officials. Join us at this demonstration to learn more about the project.

Update: We just heard the developer will give a presentation at 8:00 a.m. outside the Metro’s East entrance

7 thoughts on “Visualize 12-18 Stories at Greenbelt”

  1. I agree with Eric.

    But I have to admit I find it amusing that the developer is “dumbing it down” by using balloons as a tool to engage the community.

    So what is wrong with 8 stories? Does it block the view of lands that the locals do not own? I always love that argument.

    Great website by the way…

  2. Using balloons is a fairly common practice to demonstrate the propose heights of tall projects. I actually think it can be useful to provide some concrete data for citizens and either confirm or dissuade the concerns of citizens.

  3. Who are the oponents of these tall buildings? Is it mostly the residents of the Hollywood neighborhood? Some of the objections noted, such as “reflected railroad noise” sound pretty shaky.

  4. The use of balloons is a very powerful tool used to determine a proposed building’s height. I have been involved in a few of these demonstrations, specifically relative to two developments in environments similar to Greenbelt, and they have both lessened the number of objectors in front of the Zoning Board (both required “d” variances for density and height pursuant to the NJ Municipal Land Use Law).

    Most people underestimate the height of proposed buildings.

  5. Rob,

    When I saw an item on the balloons on planetizen, I stopped over here. You don’t disappoint.

    “Most people underestimate the height of proposed buildings.”

    I’d disagree. In my observation, most people seem to *over*estimate the height of proposed buildings, to panicked effect. I’d be interested to hear some follow-up on whether people are seeming to use the balloons to revise up or down their impressions of the buildings’ heights. (Cynically speaking, I expect the opponents of the project will revise upwards. “My god, it’s even worse than we had feared!”)

  6. Dan Margulies Says:
    February 16th, 2007 at 2:33 pm

    Who are the oponents of these tall buildings? Is it mostly the residents of the Hollywood neighborhood? Some of the objections noted, such as “reflected railroad noise” sound pretty shaky.

    RE: Something tells me that these so called opponents are well paid off lab rat like Maryland hating psychos that are following the commands from the Powers that Be from Northern Virginia to make sure that No parts of PG County(let alone any part of the state of Maryland) will never compete against Norrthern Virginia when it comes to Modern Upscale Urban Growth, High Paying White Collar Employment, and any other form of Busines/Economic/Revenue Growth.

    Its no accident that Nothern Virginia continues to get away with building 40 story towers near residential neighborhoods and not receive any opposition but strangly when they try to plan decent amount of Upscale Development and Highway Building the strangest of the strangest Country Hicks come out of no where to play like they are negitively affected by the proposed development/road building in Maryland when in reality these so-called concerned citizens are more than likely are not from the state of Maryland.

    Then there is the Communist selected tree hugging Democrat Left Wing Extremist Politicians in Maryland that plays along with the anti-Maryland(anti-growth, anti-highway, anti-wealth, and anti-business) crowd that acts like they are for the Maryland people when at the same time they are sucking up tax dollars from the working class people and not contributing the revenue back to the state for the better.

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