Vogel Proposes New Student Housing Project

8240 Balt. Ave

The Hilton Hotel is out and a mixed use 700 bed (250 parking space) student housing project is in. Mark Vogel’s architect easily lived up to their last work (pictured just below) for the site when the developer proposed this project to the city council earlier this month. According to a Diamondback article, Vogel plans to have a solid sit down restaurant on the ground floor. The city was receptive to the designs although they voiced a strong desire for LEED certification for the project. The parking ratio seems very appropriate for such a close location to campus and the type of tenant…

The Hilton project failed after county support for Tax Increment Financing (TIF) evaporated. Presumably this was because the county is expecting to use multipe TIFs for East Campus – a project which is widely expected to have it’s own hotel within a stone’s throw of Vogel’s project site.

Hilton Hotel at UMD North Gate

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13 thoughts on “Vogel Proposes New Student Housing Project”

  1. Wow, this is pretty exciting. Those 700 beds are sorely needed.

    It doesn’t surprise me that, in the Diamondback article, it is Councilmember Jack Perry making that dumb comment about how more parking spots are needed for a student housing project ADJACENT to campus. With his political orientation, he is probably the last person who would advocate for environmentally friendly policies or smart growth.

    This is the same councilmember who talked about how he listens to Rush Limbaugh at the College Democrats debate:

    From: http://media.www.diamondbackonline.com/media/storage/paper873/news/2007/10/18/News/Candidates.Face.Off.In.StudentLed.Debate-3040101.shtml

    “I’m a dittohead” – or a listener of the conservative radio personality Rush Limbaugh, Perry said jokingly.

    Catlin and Baca laughed nervously. The College Democrats seemed baffled.

  2. It looks great. Will they still have a Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse on the ground floor? That would be awesome.

    I agree that Jack Perry comes off as a first class jerk. He certainly doesn’t care how he’s portrayed in the media and I personally don’t get his opposition to a visible police presence in CP.

    Keep in mind that Rush is an entertainer, first and foremost.

    It cracks me up that the College Democrats seemed “baffled” at Perry’s remark. That stuff reinforces my belief that there isn’t much political diversity around here. Any other fellow libertarians out there agree?

  3. I just hope that all of you in a position to do so will influence this project to embrace the creek along the back of the property. What a wasted opportunity in terms of how The View has a faceless concrete block wall facing the banks of the creek. Imagine if the View put its Fitness Center (or study lounge, or conference rooms ….whatever) on the lower levels with a wall of windows looking out into the woods at the creek. Instead we get concrete blcok and levels of parking. Really a shame. Please try to get this project to take advantage of its location and incorporate the woods/creek into its design plans. Imagine studying, eating, having a cup of coffee, or working out while you look out a wall of windows at the creek and into the woods.

    We need to start thinking of creating unique places and leveraging what natural attributes we do have instead of turning a cold concrete wall to them.

  4. Kevin great point – it is so pleasant to swim at the rec center pool and be able to pause and look out at the woods. I love the location and the way that pool was designed with large windows! Be in a warm pool and look out at it snowing in winter (if we ever see any snow again).

  5. After I posted I also realized that just south of this project is a site where our Landscape Architecture students are creating a park complete with a rain garden. I hope the two projects blend well together ….perhaps the dining establishment mentioned can have large windows overlooking the woods/creek/new park

    And as for the above posts about one of our beloved local politicians…..sometimes I wonder if the above mentioned politician isnt also an “entertainer first and foremost” – or at least a comedian……..he sure makes me laugh.

  6. Come on guys, since when did Rethink become a site for political bashing? While Jack may come off a certain way, he is really a good guy who cares very much about the constituents who vote him into office year after year after year. I certainly don’t agree with everything he says, but after personal experiences with him I at least have the decency to respect him. Let’s be constructive with our comments.

    This location would be ideal for student housing and I really hope this works out. I think the aforementioned comment of Mr. Perry’s about parking stems from his community’s dislike of tons of spillage parking in their neighborhood (across Rt. 1) by students living in the View when it opened.

    Writers here on Rethink have lamented the county’s parking requirements before and suggested that even less spaces should be required. I agree with this urban planning sentiment, but the greater problem is that most students feel the need for a car in College Park. Until development improves the walkability and public transportation access of CP, parking issues will continue to be a huge concern. Let’s face it, many students living ON campus have/want a car and parking space, let alone the students living off campus.

  7. Jesse is right about cars and parking. Politics, too. Parking is as big an issue as traffic. We need additional retail development along Route 1 to make it realistic for a major portion of the student population not to want to have a car or for much of the older population in the City, like me, to limit themselves to one (or even two) cars per household. Flexcars are helpful too, especially now that 18 year olds can rent them. I believe data shows that one Flexcar can take the place of about five individually owned cars. We need parking flexibility for the new development. We need car storage areas. Such parking wouldn’t be convenient for the car owners, so that the cars could sit unused for many days at a time. Cars could be stored at the fringe of the campus, perhaps at the future Mazza housing project, which has abundant garage parking, and even at the upper floors of the future City Hall parking garage. We also need 5 to 10 year guarantees from the University to allow on campus parking for private developments, especially student housing, to allow conditions to improve with respect to retail and mass transportation options, so that the need for a private car would diminish.

  8. Re: politics

    Unfortunately redevelpment and local politics go hand in hand. As for bashing, Rob and David do a great job keeping things civil. However, my involvement goes back to the Anna Owens administration and I endured council meeting after council meeting as a student listening to the above mentioned politician bash the Univ. and its students and portray us as incessantly urinating all over the city. I for one never did and in fact left the city a bit nicer than it was when i came here (helped coordinate the Guilford Run reforestation project with Amelia Murdoch et al.) I for one wish he would do a better job embracing the University and everything that comes with it (one only needs to drive west on Univ Blvd past Adelphi or South on Rte 1 below Hyattsville to see the alternative)……Im not sure students should be his primary concern…..his district has houses jammed with too many undocumented illegals…..

  9. sorry jeuill – when I said “Adelphi” I was referring to the plaza / the power lines….that is that west of Cool Spring isnt it

  10. In a way. Cool Spring is to the west of the Golf Course, but on the north side of the Northwest Branch. Then, back towards Metzerrot Plaza. All of that is Cool Spring. A very nice community with houses much like College Park and Hyattsville. My civic association at one time wanted to be annexed with College Park. I’m not sure if that request has died or not. I do wish they would redevelop University Blvd. The strip of retail from Riggs Rd. to Adelphi Plaza is ripe for it. A bunch of that stuff is up to 50 years old.

  11. Very true, jeuill. That strip of retail is an embarrassment. Actually, I would even include some of the retail further west on University Boulevard up to New Hampshire Avenue, as well.

  12. I think this is an amazing idea. For so many reasons, the city of college park NEEDS this project to be carried out. I personally transfered and had a huge problem with housing. Had this been an option, I would have made a lot of different decisions. I just did a project on the subject of housing in my Historic Preservation class and learned alot about this issue. It says that there will be 700 beds for students which is a huge step in the right direction. Another reason this is a great idea is the possibility of a restaurant on the first floor of the complex. College park is in dire need of better retail. This may be just the first stepping stone. I interviewed local buisnesses and they all said that if there were more students on campus, they would have more employees and customers. This sounds like a similiar idea. Not only would the residents living in the complex go to this restaurant, but they would bring friends and visiting family as well. In addition, the restaurant would open alot of great job opportunities for the students living there. As a student, I couldn’t imagine a better job. It would be an elevator ride away and I wouldn’t have to worry about walking home in an unsafe area or finding transportation to and from work.

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