Want to Run For City Council?

If you live in College Park’s Council Districts 3 or 4 you can! The election of Councilmembers Joseline Peña-Melnyk and Eric C. Olson to higher office mean the city plans to hold a special election to fill the seats in January.

Council District 3 includes all of Old Town (including Frat Row and the Graham Cracker), all of the Commons buildings, Knox Towers, Graduate Gardens, Calvert Hills, and all of College Park east of the railroad tracks. District 4 includes the the Denton and Cambridge Communities (But not the Ellicott Community), the Knox Boxes, the Courtyards, and the areas Northwest of campus including Crystal Springs and College Park Woods. Candidates must be at least 21years old to run at the time of the election and have to have continuously resided in the City of College Park for 1 year leading up to the election.


The election is tentatively scheduled for January 16th (a few days before spring term classes begin). Students interested in running should contact the city clerk (301-864-8666).

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One thought on “Want to Run For City Council?”

  1. The City of College Park and the University loves to pray on innocent College students with their parking restrictions. As if College tuition wasn’t high enough.

    I could understand the parking fees and ticketing if College Park was a walkable downtown like Silver Spring or Bethesda but it is light years behind those places.

    College Park in actuallity is a sorry excuse for a state flagship university City.

    The state, county, city and university have let it languish far too long. Another state wouldn’t be as stupid. It should have never have gotten as bad as it is in the first place!

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