What Does College Park Need?

In one of this website’s first comments University of Maryland Professor Peter Levine suggests one of the things College Park needs is a grocery store, noting that without it “it’s hard to be a car-less student.” Although we like the Maryland Food Collective, we have to agree the options are limited for campus-bound students.

What do you think College Park needs most? Whether it’s more bars, coffee shops, or anything else we want to know – post your thoughts in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “What Does College Park Need?”

  1. How about a music venue or a movie theater? There’s very little for students to do in CP on weekends except go to the bars, and a big percentage of students either can’t get into the bars or don’t enjoy them. A ton of people go to Bethesda, Georgetown, Silver Spring, Chinatown, etc every weekend, just so they can see a run of the mill movie or a live band. Keeping students in College Park during their free time would go a long way towards making the area a more attractive place for developers.

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