What is so special about MD 193?

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Maybe some of you are like me. When I first heard the hub-bub about “Form-Based-this” and “sector-plan-that” my first reaction was “What the hell are you people talking about?”

The proposed Amendment 5 to the Route 1 Sector plan states:

Add the following text to page 50: “Corridor nodes located north of MD 193 shall not be considered for future application of Subtitle 27A of the County Code.”

RTCP as well as KabirCares have posts on the subject.

They only way to try and figure things out is to start to ask questions. My question is this. What is so special about MD 193? If Subtitle 27A of the County Code is such a bad idea then why not the entire town? Forget for a moment if 27A is a good idea or not or what 27A IS exactly. For now I just want to know why MD 193.

Maybe many of you are plugged in enough to already know the answer. I am not and for the benefit of the rest of us here is what I have found out.

At least part of the reason has to do with political territory. The Amendments being proposed are from County Councilman Tom Dernoga representing District 1. Did you all know that we have County, City, and State representatives each with their own district? Of course you did. Did you also know that College Park is divided into TWO districts? See the image below. The squiggly red line is my attempt to highlight the dividing line between District 1 (Mr. Dernoga) and District 3. (Mr. Olson)

Is there more to the story? Do you have some insight? Please feel free to share.