Where are they now? Goodspeed and Daddio move beyond the beltway.

Some of our longtime readers may be wondering what has become of RTCP’s former editors and co-founders. Both of them have moved on to top planning programs and are cheering on College Park’s renaissance from afar.

Rob Likes librariesRob Goodspeed is entering his second year as a PhD student at the M.I.T. Department of Urban Studies and Planning and has a three-year fellowship appointment in the Urban Information Systems program group. In keeping with his work here at RTCP, Rob’s research in Cambridge focuses on how technology can improve cities by making urban planning decisions more democratic and informed. In his current research, Rob is exploring the social, political, and practical dimensions of the use of Internet tools for participation in urban planning. You can keep up with Rob on his personal blog: GoodspeedUpdate.com.

David Daddio is about to enter the Master’s program at the Department of City and Regional Planning at UNC-Chapel Hill where he will focus on Land Use, Environmental Planning, and Transportation. In large part because of his work here at RTCP, David was offered a two-year fellowship appointment by the Department and will serve as a Co-Editor of the Carolina Planning Journal – the oldest student-run planning publication in the country. David looks forward to studying market-oriented approaches to growth management and land conservation that facilitate investment in existing communities and advance rational, environmentally-conscious communities.

One thought on “Where are they now? Goodspeed and Daddio move beyond the beltway.”

  1. As it happens, I left the College Park area around the same time that Rob and David graduated, and I hadn’t been back to this website until today.

    Even at the time that Rob and David founded and ran RTCP, I was impressed by the high quality of their work, not “simply” because it was produced by 2 college guys in their spare time (no mean feat), but, even more significantly, because it was influential in the community.

    And when I say that Rob and David’s work was influential, I don’t mean primarily in the sense that they had narrow agendas which they successfully pushed. I mean mainly in the sense that they managed to bring many diverse interests and parties together in these pages in favor of cooperative visions.

    MIT and UNC are lucky to get them! It is the College Park and University Park community’s loss.

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