Where We Live

College Park is featured today on the blog WeLoveDC. Many thanks to Shannon for writing up that positive review of College Park. Here are a few highlights.

College Park is best known for the University of Maryland and its 36,000 students, but there is so much more to this community than just the university.  College Park is full of great restaurants, shops, running trails, arts and cultural opportunities, sporting events, and more.  Sure, it’s got a lot of students, but it’s not just riots and frat parties.  And since I’ve mostly only seen the riot/frat party side of College Park while visiting friends who attended the university years ago, I’ve asked our friends at the fantastic planning and development blog Rethink College Park to tell us what’s great about their community outside of UMD.  Read on to find out what College Park residents love about their community, and what you’ll have to check out next time you’re in the area.


Why We Love College Park: If you’re looking for a suburb that has an endless supply of entertainment and educational events, College Park might be perfect.  The university offers so many events, concerts, and sports that there’s always something going on.  The area connects with great trails and is close to many parks, and it provides easy access to the rest of the region through Metro and the Beltway.

And while the area isn’t as walkable or compact as other DC suburbs, there’s lots of potential for it.  Colin says, “College Park has much to offer already, but it also has so much unrealized potential. If the university’s East Campus town center project, together with the Purple Line, both finally get off the ground, then the city could be poised for a dramatic change.”