Where Will the Purple Line Go?

No doubt you’ve heard about the Bi-County Transitway, or so-called Purple Line. Currently state officials are considering either “bus rapid transit” or “light rail” (modern streetcars) for the route. Based on the information available on the project website, our technology director Eric Fidler created this map showing the currently proposed route and stations in College Park:

Much more information on the project including this map is availabe on our “Purple Line” library page. Would you like to see the line built? Your elected officials need to hear from you.

3 thoughts on “Where Will the Purple Line Go?”

  1. I can see it now…..a public-private partnership of monumental proportions!

    The College Park governing body rezoning property, the campus leadership preaching the merits of new development, the scramble of the developers, the pent up demand for something new & cool…..

    resulting in…..

    the purple line!

    let’s just hope it’s planned and designed according to sound principles.

  2. Introducing the purple line willhave an immediate effect on property values in College Park. It seems to me that that would be a good thing. If property value grows because more people are coming through the area (especially not in automobiles), developers have a greater responsibility to create something that produces both an economic gain and a positive image of College Park. I’m willing to entertain anything that will reduce private automobile transportation in the area. You may disagree with me, but the more people that take masstransit and the more transportation systems we have simultaneously moving through College Park, the more active and positive this city will be.

  3. Thanks for the publicity of the Purple Line. Skepticism is healthy – a transit line is only a success if well integrated with urban fabric. When there is no such urban fabric it is risky and needs more attentiveness.

    East campus could be the keystone project that puts College Park on a new and higher level or it could be a collection of mediocre buildings wrapped around a large parking garage. The Purple Line would encourage developers and their financial backers to reach for the vision that the campus community seeks – of downtown Princeton or Palo Alto. It will take continued pressure from the entire campus and college park community for this vision to be realized.

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