Yarrow Resident Mark Cook to Run for Council

Although too many members of the College Park community could care less about the composition of the city council, they play a large role in the direction the city will take in the future. Although they do not hold final zoning authority, they mold new development projects in the city through extensive consultation with developers and influence with county officials. The city sets parking policies, is building a new downtown parking garage, has created trails systems, and even caps the rents on rented houses in an attempt to both control high rents and prevent conversions to rental properties. Given that context, the composition of the council is set to change this November, something the Diamondback pointed out in a recent analysis of the race.

Mark CookWe can report that a new face to the council will be running for a seat in District 3. Mark Cook, a Yarrow resident and chair of the city’s Advisory Planning Commission has filed to run in this November’s election. Cook’s community involvement also includes work as president of the Yarrow Citizens’ Association and for the Committee for a Better Environment. District 3, which includes Old Town, Fraternity Row, the Knox boxes, and the Commons buildings, is currently represented by Stephanie Stullich and Andrew Fellows on the council. Stullich plans to run for re-election, but Fellows will not.

When we sat down with Cook this week he said public safety, Route One redevelopment, and public schools would be some of his top priorities. “The city needs to decide whether they want a main street or a highway running through the community,” Cook said, “I want a main street.” Cook envisions a city where public transit is encouraged, off campus students have a better relationship with city residents, and where University faculty and staff want to live. He views East Campus as an opportunity for the city to gain a common space and amenities.

While we will look forward to learning more about the views of all the candidates, Cook’s vision and experience will make him a strong candidate for the seat. The election is scheduled for November 6, 2007.

4 thoughts on “Yarrow Resident Mark Cook to Run for Council”

  1. Zoning, police, fire, schools, highways etc. are County issues. The City weighs in on almost all issues, though to different degrees. Changes is in the air with respect to public schools and the City has some cards it is interested in playing. The City can be aided by some of the changes being discussed and in turn the City may be able to bring additional resources to the school system.

  2. As Councilman Catlin stated, city officials interface with county and state officials on many issues and on many levels. Mark Cook has an opportunity to bring a fresh look to some of our old problems and his knowledge of the city and his relationships with officials at every level of government will be an asset for District 3 and the city as a whole.

  3. Mark Cook has the potential to bring a determined zeal to politics. He understands how to work with folks, how a neighborhood can come together, and how business and econmics grow a community if done in a responsible manner attracting worthwhile developers. Vote Cook!

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