Yet Another Alignment

Mote Alignment as of 1/11/08

(See interactive map)

After throwing together a handful of alignments, including the “chapel field alignment” (in blue on map) last month, we are getting word that the University is pursuing yet another alignment. Once again (deja vu) realizing the impracticality of a tunnel under campus, the administration is proposing a slightly altered chapel field alignment (in red on map), which veers south of Lefrak hall at street level (instead of across and under the historic Morrill Quad). The sharp turns and narrow right-of-way (shared with heavy pedestrian traffic) between South Campus Dinning Hall and Lefrak make this latest alignment nearly as ridiculous as the proposed tunnel under Morril Quad. Meanwhile the East Campus Developer has been forced to cease designs of that $700 million development out of uncertainty over the Purple Line alignment.

At this point, is the University just trying to save face or is it proposing alignments that are actually practical? We’re leaning towards the former hypothesis. The debate is beyond throwing new alignments into the mix. The UMD administration will find it far more fruitful to work with MTA to refine the Campus Drive alignment to suit the needs of campus. If they preffer to come to that conclusion kicking and screaming, then so be it.

2 thoughts on “Yet Another Alignment”

  1. For Cryin Out Loud! Why don’t they just run it right down McKeldin Mall. That will protect precious campus drive.

    Any alignment that doesn’t stop right in front of the Union is a total joke. Its clear the administration doesn’t really care where it goes as long as it stays off Terrapin Club Game Day parking spots and away from Campus Drive.

    Maybe the Purple Line should stop at Adelphi RD and all passengers board noisy fume spewing Shuttle-UM buses that roll down campus drive to another Purple line stop at Paint Branch.

  2. It’s kind of embarrassing when the University’s goal is to be a top 10 research university and they can’t come up with a viable transportation solution. Or at least know a good solution when they see one.

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